Old Versions Still In Use – Upgrade Now

Logging update requests has shown that there are some very old versions of Golden Records still in use. These are versions that have problems picking up update availability. If you are running 3.2.11 or these will report as being up to date. As of today the current version is Updating is free. So whoever is still using 2.7 please update.

Updated Handicap Tables

The Archery GB handicap tables in Golden Records have been updated to the latest published version. There are no changes as such but a handful of errors (in 10300 records) were identified and corrected, the Half Metric and Half FITA have been deleted from the tables as these are no longer official AGB rounds. Handicaps for distances (eg 2 dozen at X yds) that were missing have been added.
Users of the cloud service will have the changes synced down when they next connect. Other users of Golden Records 4 can update by using the Update Handicap Data tool on the Tasks toolbar.

Release of Golden Records 4

Golden Records 4 has been released today. This adds cloud synchronisation to Golden Records and the ability for members to submit scores online, and view their score records online. Online access is also available for club officials. An annual subscription is needed for the cloud services, but otherwise there is no cost to upgrade to version 4.
Due to database changes Golden Records 4 will not recognise the database used for Golden Records 3. It will be necessary to transfer data from version 3 to version 4 using a transfer file.
Features added to the core Golden Records include:
  • Option to use SQL Server as a database
  • Export to Microsoft Access
  • Export to SQL Server
  • Updating of Handicap and Classification data to latest version without needing to upgrade the software
  • Updating lists of rounds, classes from a remote data source
  • Checking for new club records

Golden Records Update

An update to Golden Records has been released. This resolves a problem calculating Master Bowman and higher classifications. It contains a new set of the 2016 classification tables, The previous set returned GMB instead of Grand Master Bowman with the unintended consequence that it prevented archers be classified correctly.

Free Updates Reminder

We are still getting occasional error reports from older versions, particularly relating to the Month Dropdown bug. This has been resolved in the latest versions. A reminder that updates to the latest version are no charge. You just need to download and install the latest version.

Golden Records 3.2.17 Released

Golden Records 3.2.17 has been released. This corrects calculation of ratings under the Australian system. It also resolves exclusion of archived seasons in calculating UK handicaps for year start. If an archer has not shot 3 scores in a year, the UK system requires the handicap to be the last re-assessed handicap. For this Golden Records goes back through seasons to find a season with 3 qualifying scores. Archived seasons were excluded from this process. This is no longer the case as of 3.2.17, but users need to be aware that if they have archived test or trial seasons these scores will be used in the calculation.

A Test/Trial Version of Golden Records Cloud Available

A test/trial version of Golden Records Cloud is now available at It will synchronise data between computers without having to manually copy over files, and it enables members to submit scores online, and see their records online. This will be a separate product from the standard Golden Records, and will be subscription based. One club subscription will cover multiple users, and the software can be installed on any number of computers. The service is free until September this year. No obligation to subscribe if you decide to test it now. Please note that this is still beta/test software at the moment. I am looking for users to feedback issues and requests to guide final development. Feedback is also requested on the proposed subscription model and a projected charge of £30 to £50 per year. If it looks like it will be popular it could be lower. Feel free to suggest a cost/year at which your club would be interested.