Author - Toxik Software

Quick Scoring Module in Golden Arrow

The quick scoring module in Golden Arrow when an ID is entered that does not form part of the selected Group updates the Group drop down but fails to rebuild the list of archers. In this situation the ID number is visible in the Archer field instead of the name. An update to fix this will be released in the next few days.

2..5.22 CD version

A user has reported with the 2.5.22 CD version that he is having problems with an error related to installing to 64 bit locations. It seems the CD is trying to install as 64 bit on a 32 bit machine. As a workaround download the right full version from the website - the software is identical. If you have this problem and would like a new CD when the issue has been resolved please let me know.

Some users are reporting problems with installing updates

Some users are reporting problems with installing updates. It seems that installations from CD on 64 bit machines have been installed as 32 bit programs. However, the update will only install in 64 bit mode leading to only a partial install as the update does not contain all the files. This can be solved by downloading and installing the full 64 bit installer. It may however be necessary to move the database file to recover data.