My Archery - Personal Performance Tracking


Score RecordsHow well are you shooting? Better or worse than last year? What is your average for a FITA? What score should you expect at 70m? What sightmarks do you need for an Albion?

Chances are you have this information on bits of paper in your tackle box or in a little notebook. Why not use My Archery a bespoke program for keeping track of your personal scores?

My Archery tracks your scores, hits, golds and tens for each round you do. With My Archery you can also track your score, hits, golds and tens for up to 4 distances per round (eg a FITA). It will also track your sightmarks for up to 4 distances per round (eg a FITA).My Archery Reports

If you want to see how you are doing just click on the Performance tab to see a summary of your records with Maximum, Average and Minimum for each round by Score, Hits, Golds and Tens and also for each distance. You can also record notes such as weather, your form etc.

You can also run printable reports summarizing your scores and sightmarks. Don't lose track again!

NB - My Archery records handicaps and classification for each record entered. At present it does not either compute the relevant handicap or classification.